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We really don't like the first person approach of saying how good we are etc!  Therefore here's a couple of paragraphs from some lovely people in the music scene.

Nick Corney & The Buzz Rats, a cracking band from Peterborough who are making a serious impression at venues on their home turf and further afield, as well as getting considerable airplay and rave reviews on local radio. With intelligent, catchy, hook-laden songs that span the emotional spectrum, plus Nick's fantastic voice and some great playing, this is a band that will surely go far. Well worth checking out.        

Kevin Buxton - Kontra Roots

Nick originally performed as a solo act and released his debut EP, “Signs of Life”, but for his second EP he formed his 4 piece outfit 'Nick Corney + The Buzz Rats'. I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to the new band EP 'The Perfect Landing', and it is absolutely wonderful !

I’ve got to give a special mention to guitarist and harmonica player Chris, as rarely have I seen that much energy on a stage, and it was a pleasure to witness! Good stuff indeed!

If you’re interested in seeing Nick Corney and The Buzz Rats for yourself – I reckon you’ll love ’em!

Fi Stimpson - musicvstheworld

Current lineup:

Nick Corney - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

James Taylor - Lead Guitar

Chris Barrie - Bass Guitar

Keith Doe - Drums

Previous band members:

Christopoher Moore - Lead Guitar and Harmonica

Ben Knight - Keys and Bass Guitar

Oli Smith - Bass Guitar

Sean Clayton - Drums

Studio Recordings:

Signs of Life EP - Nick Corney - 2013 

The Perfect Landing EP - Nick Corney + the Buzz Rats - 2015 

Coat of Arms EP - Nick Corney + the Buzz Rats - 2017 

By The Skin of our Teeth EP - Nick Corney + the Buzz Rats - 2018 

Out of the Blue EP - Nick Corney - 2020

Produced by Andy Hawkins at The Nave Studios in Leeds

Mastered by Dave Draper

If I Could Pray EP - Nick Corney + the Buzz Rats - 2020

If I Could Pray SINGLE - Nick Corney - 2020

After the Afterglow SINGLE - Nick Corney - 2020

Dark Side of the Man EP - Nick Corney + the Buzz Rats - 2023

Sediment to Sentiment EP - Nick Corney - 2023

Open Strings EP - Nick Corney - 2024

Produced and mastered by Jake Day at North Acre Studios in Cambs

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